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four performers, objects, live electronics and sound installation

concept, sound installation and stage design: Pia Matthes
concept, composition: Corentin Marillier

Commissioned and premiered by SoundTrieb:
Juan José Faccio
Alice Mei-Yu Hohberger
Magdalena Irmann
​Anna Minten

with the kind support of Fondation Nicati-De Luze

Since the middle of the 20th century, the use of sound has gone beyond its strictly musical framework and invested the field of sound design where it serves as much to capture our attention as to influence our choices as consumers: from the sound of the cracking of a chip, to that of deodorants or soft drink cans, sound is enlisted for its manipulative power.

Marketing tool certainly but also political where sound is used as a supposedly non-lethal weapon to disperse demonstrators via ultra powerful loudspeakers. Or like the Mosquito, a box broadcasting ultra high frequencies that would be used to disperse groups of teenagers causing trouble in our neighborhood. Even more chilling is the example of the U.S. military broadcasting hits from American culture on a loop in the cells of several prisons.

The way sounds are used in today's society is described by Juliette Volcler in numerous texts and essays she has published. They greatly inspired us in the conception and writing of this piece.

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