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Zarb and live electronics

otanitso is a solo project imagined by Corentin Marillier, developed around the traditional Iranian percussion instrument, the zarb, and an amplified electronic device manipulated in real time.

A musical performance somewhere between experimental and techno,  "........." takes the form of a continuous set, exploring the zarb's multiple timbral possibilities, with rhythm, flow and groove at the heart of the composition. The composition alternates between strict and improvised writing, with electronics inserted as polyrhythm and textural counterpoint. 

 "........" is first and foremost a desire to reconnect with the instrument around a personal proposition, one that would be in line with my concerns and current work. This one is largely concerned with the discourse between acoustics and electronics, with notions of flow and flux, energy and sonic density. 

It's also about confronting two diametrically opposed ideas and trying to make them converge: how the identity of an instrument related to a particular region and tradition can be sucked out in favor of a new sound signature related to our contemporary. 


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