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Corentin Marillier (*1991) is a percussionist, performer and composer whose musical universe lies at the crossroads of experimental and traditional music. 


Co-founder and artistic advisor of the Soundtrieb and Semblance ensembles, his work explores the transversal links between music, performance and installation and is oriented towards a post-instrumental practice mixing both sound and visual elements. Working for a departitioning of practices and aesthetics, he encourages both contemporary classical music and experimental currents, notably through a series of interviews with young artists that he regularly publishes under the name Conversations.


He has collaborated with (among others) Simon Steen-Andersen, Cathy van Eck, Nicolas Frize, Bastien David, Emilio Guim, Raphael Cendo, Laurent Dupont and the ACTA theatre company. He also collaborates with IRCAM, the Royaumont Foundation and the Philharmonie de Paris on artistic, research and educational projects. 


Since February 2023, he is co-artistic director of the collective Eklekto in Geneva.

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