The musical universe of Corentin Marillier is  situated at the crossroads of experimental and traditional music.

The meeting with Eve Payeur at CRR Rueil Malmaison was decisive for the rest of his musical career. He specializes in the study of contemporary repertoire and musical theater which he deepens in contact with Jean Pierre Drouet. He continues his studies with Pascal Pons at the Hochschule Luzern in which he obtains a master's degree specialized in interpretation of contemporary music.

He also played the Javanese gamelan he studied in Indonesia and teaches at the Philharmonie de Paris and as part of a masterclass. The discovery of zarb in the class of Pierre Rigopoulos and later with Keyvan Chemirani confirms his choice to assume a path linking written music and music of oral tradition.


Very involved in performance arts, he regularly collaborates with the composer Nicolas Frize with whom he has recreated « Le Chant de la Chair" in Paris, piece for two percussionists soloists and choir and "Silencieusement" created in October 2017 at National Archives in Paris.

His meeting in 2019 with the director Laurent Dupont led to the creation of the performance "A Vos Saveurs", an "opéra bouffe" for two percussionists and a vocalist on a music by the composer Karl Naegelen.


As a soloist, he recently collaborated with Simon Steen-Andersen on his piece "Black Box Music", given in April 2018 in Lucerne.

The meeting with Raphael Cendo at the Académie Voix Nouvelles in Royaumont in 2016 is an important step regarding his aesthetic choices as a performer, he has since given the first Swiss "Badlands" in April 2017 and regularly plays his works as a soloist or in chamber music. Thanks to a program featuring Cendo’s works as well as that of Iannis Xenakis, he won in May 2018 the first joint prize of the "Edwin Fischer" foundation.

More recently in August 2019 at the Luzern Festival, he performed "Drum Control" by the swiss composer Thomas Kessler.

He will present a program with voice and percussions at the Zeitraüme festival 2019 in Basel.


He is one of the founding members of the Soundtrieb collective, which links music and performing arts in Switzerland (Bern, Lucerne, Zurich).


He has appeared in several festivals in Europe such as Voix Nouvelles organized by the Royaumont Foundation, the Lucerne Festival, IMPULS (Graz-Austria), Manifeste (IRCAM-Paris), Donaueschingen (Germany) and has been selected in different international academies like Ulysses, Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Musik. He played under the direction of Heinz Holliger, Jean-Philippe Wurtz, Pierre André Valade, Gregor Mayhofer or Matthias Kuhn and played with different ensemble such as Les Percussions de Strasbourg, LINKS or Ensemble Ecoute.